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Some openssl library versions are affected by ASN.1 parsing vulnerability. Please check the OpenSSL site and grab the latest versions (recommended: 0.9.7c as of Nov. 10, 2003).

Amrita VPN is an easy-to-use open source VPN solution that runs on the GNU/Linux platform. The implementation is fully in userspace and requires no kernel patches or enhancements. It uses openssl library for strong encryption and authentication through SSLv3.

Amrita VPN can be used to connect two private networks through a public network such as the Internet. It requires only one end to have a direct Internet connection preferably with a permanent public IP address. The other end could be connected to the Internet via a masquerading router.

[New] AmritaVPN version 0.99 has been released (on Nov 10, 2003). You can download the latest version from the Amrita VPN project page. The distribution is available as source (amvpn-0.99.tar.gz), as rpm (amvpn-0.99.i386.rpm - built in Redhat 8.0), and as source rpm (amvpn-0.99.src.rpm). All downloads are available at the Amrita VPN project page.

Version 0.99 fixes a bug that caused amvpn to become CPU bound when there's a congestion/break in the outbound link. Basic flow control logic has been added. Keepalive message option is added to help detect connection breaks as quickly as possible so that a fast reconnect can take place.

A summary of important features include:

  1. Easy to configure and install. No kernel modifications. Works at application-level. Uses SSL (openssl library) for strong encryption and authentication.
  2. Fast packet relay.
  3. Comes with a tool (amvpn-keytool) that makes key generation/management quite easy.
  4. Allows connecting through an intermediate proxy.
  5. Allows configurable automatic reconnecting after a connection break.
  6. Needs root privileges only during the initialization time, afterwards runs without root privileges.
  7. Multiple instances can be easily set up and managed.
  8. Events such as connects, disconnects and modification of key/cert files can be notified to the admin via email.
  9. Has ability to transparently forward Microsoft networking messages to the remote network. This enables the two networks to see each other's machines in the 'Network Neighbourhood'.
  10. Keepalive option to quickly detect connection breaks, allowing fast reconnects.

We take our user feedback seriously. If you feel there is a feature you'd like to see, but not on the list above, please feel free to send us a email at the email address below and we'll make an attempt to incorporate that in the upcoming releases.

To see a complete detailed release history click here. Many of our users have positively contributed to the development of Amrita VPN. Click here for a list of some of the major contributors.

A document on how to install and use AmritaVPN prepared by Shashank Khanvilkar is available at his site:

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