Amrita VPN detailed release history


Version 0.98-2 fixes the problem that prevented AmritaVPN version 0.97 onwards from binding to low ports. This release has some significant message logging enhancements. Some code cleanup work has also gone into this release.

Version 0.98 has major feature enhancements including:

Version 0.97-2 is a bug fix release which fixes an improper signal handling bug that has the potential to cause server aborts under certain conditions. Please upgrade if you're using an earlier version.

Version 0.97 has the following enhancements:

Version 0.96 has many useful feature enhancements including:

Version 0.95-3 has enhanced server message logging to include the Distinguished Name of the client connecting.

Version 0.95-1 fixes a problem occuring during large downloads. Version 0.95-2 fixes improper error handling during multiple binds in server-mode.

Version 0.95 allows two remote Microsoft/Samba networks to be connected together with a minimal set of configuration options. See Amrita VPN HOWTO on how to configure and use this really useful feature.

The Beta-2 release features high performance I/O relay loop implementation.

The Beta-2-RC2 release has enhanced error handling and more importantly, comes packaged with a new tool - amvpn-keytool that greatly eases the task of creating and managing VPN certs/keys.